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"Pasta Freska on Westlake Avenue is a favorite with commenter andman. This small Italian restaurant skips the dinner menu altogether. "Just tell the owner, Mike, what you like and don't like, and the plates start rolling out. Amazing place!"
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"Multicourse prix-fixe menus? Forget $85 five-coursers and let me tell you about the $21.95 six-course dinner I ate at this funky little triangular restaurant off Lake Union. Late last month, I put myself in the loving hands of owner/chef Mike Horri, who invited this stranger into his humble, candlelit abode, took a survey of my likes and dislikes ("I hate beef liver," I admitted), and spent the rest of my stay doing what he does best: surprising his guests."
"...Horri is just a really good cook, not to mention a dynamic presence in the dining room, effusing about the guests and whipping up all manner of community and good will. Like your host at a dinner party that only happens to be taking place in a restaurant."
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"My rule of thumb: I'm gonna make something that I think is the best for you to have. I come out, talk to you, maybe think to myself, "This table needs a little spicy," and then I start bringing out small courses."